Comments and testimonials from past workshop participants

“Intro to DSLR Photography” workshop…

Autumn Color“You are a patient and thorough instructor. That makes the whole experience better for everyone, especially the beginners.”

“The workshop and the topics covered already exceeded what I expected…”

“Easy to understand the instructor and the handouts were great!”

“I really do not see how you could improve upon this 1 day workshop.”

“Loved Mark Peterson as a teacher. He’s understanding, slow talking and willing to answer questions. Can’t wait to take the next class.”

“I feel like I have a better understanding after taking the class. I can’t wait to put it to work.”

“You are a patient and thorough instructor. That makes the whole experience better for everyone, especially the beginners.”

“Portrait Lighting Techniques” workshop…

portrait photography workshop
Sara, by Darren Schwartzendruber

“I had expected the workshop to be great, but I have to say that I learned much more than I expected.” ~ Portrait Lighting Techniques participant

“That was a great workshop!  I had read much of this before and had tried to duplicate these set-ups at home – but your guidance and the hands-on experience was exactly what I needed to feel like I can master these techniques. There is nothing like a good teacher to help a person move forward! The true test of the learning – I was able to put much of it to use on my own for an outside shoot the very next day! Thank you.” ~ Portrait Lighting Techniques participant

Midwest Autumn Color workshop…

Autumn Color“It was a great learning experience!” ~ Autumn Color workshop participant

“I loved this workshop. It was great to get out and spend some time with a professional who knows what it takes to get some of the “money” shots. He offered advice and provided the technical knowledge to help one try to understand and learn in the field. The workshop is focused on the attendees; he does not do any of his own shooting other than to demonstrate a technique/view and makes the time about you and your learning. The was very reasonable priced and I am looking forward to attending future workshops that Mark offers. Great value for the money.” ~ Autumn Color workshop participant

Autumn Color“I have always enjoyed listening to Mark teach photography ever since I met him at Living History Farms a few years ago. I really value his opinion and recommendations and going to one of his workshops is a great experience.” ~ Autumn Color workshop participant

Workshop“This was a fantastic experience that exceeded my expectations. Mark took the time to scout Ledges State Park before the weekend seminars and had a well thought out approach to the day. As well planned as it was, Mark easily adapted to the locations, conditions and requests of the group as the day progressed. The group size was very manageable and allowed Mark to easily talk to everyone at the beginning and end of each location’s shoot as well as get around to each person on an individual basis. This seminar helped me improve my skills with my camera, improved how I look at scenes and situations creatively and allowed me to produce images I’m extremely proud of. It’s safe to say I got more value from this seminar than any other $100 I’ve spent on my photography hobby.” ~ Autumn Color workshop participant

“Mark made everyone feel at ease regardless of their skill/experience level.” ~ Autumn Color workshop participant

“Good attention to individual students. I learned a lot. Thanks.” ~ Autumn Color workshop participant

“I learned how to spot meter, both of you guys answered all of my questions – priceless!”~ Autumn Color workshop participant

“Mark’s photographic knowledge is outstanding! He can speak to all levels of photographers and impart a challenge for each. The Autumn Color Photography Workshop met expectations, I will definitely look for another workshop with Mark S. Peterson Photography!”~ Autumn Color workshop participant

“You are a great teacher, Mark, and your workshops are an outstanding value!” ~ Autumn Color workshop participant

“I had fun and I loved Mark’s relaxed yet attentive style.” ~ Autumn Color workshop participant

“This was a great workshop. Lots of opportunities to photograph different types of subjects. It was also a great opportunity to meet others with an interest in photography, share stories and techniques, and to learn from each other!” ~ Autumn Color workshop participant

“The Midwest Summer Prairie” workshop…

20130615-_MSP3386“A great time with great people…thank you!” ~ Summer Prairie workshop participant

“Was really great, Mark!” ~ Summer Prairie workshop participant

“I wanted to thank you for an especially helpful and practical workshop yesterday – one of the best I’ve ever attended.”~ Summer Prairie workshop participant

“Intro to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom” workshop…

“The workshop was awesome and I would tell anyone wanting to learn more to go to one of Mark’s workshops!” ~ Intro to Lightroom workshop participant

“The Midwest Winter Landscape” workshop…

“I had a great time taking photos and the class was interesting. I enjoyed Mark as an instructor.” ~ Midwest Winter Landscape participant

“Mark is such a great teacher and is so patient and positive!!” ~ Midwest Winter Landscape participant

“Mark does such a great job of explaining everything and is constantly asking if anyone needs help. He shows you so many points of interest and angles to try. I wish I could attend every single workshop he teaches. He is so professional and gets down to everyone’s skill level. A great teacher and has been so wonderful to get to know over the years.”  ~ Midwest Winter Landscape participant

“Every muscle ached the next day!” ~ Midwest Winter Landscape participant

“As always, I loved the workshop and learned alot. Will continue to sign up for your workshops!” ~ Midwest Winter Landscape participant

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