Peterson Photo Workshops are affordable, fun, hands-on educational photography events designed to maximize your photographic learning. One-day field workshops, multiple-day instructional photo tours, full-day studio seminars, and half-day classroom workshops are targeted at photography enthusiasts ranging from beginner to advanced levels.

As a professional photographer and former college professor, each of Mark Peterson’s workshops features a carefully developed curriculum to maximize participant learning and the capture of exquisite photographs. Workshops are taught by Mark, often supported by experienced co-instructors in each workshop topic area.

One-day field workshops start early – before sunrise – at fabulous locations near our U.S. Midwest home base of Des Moines, Iowa. Locations are carefully selected for offering unique photographic subjects and opportunities relevant to the workshop topic. During the day, we will alternate between active photography and outdoor field-classroom discussion of relevant photographic technique, creativity and composition, and photography equipment topics. The workshops conclude late-afternoon. Each workshop makes for a fast-paced but very fulfilling day of field photography and learning. These workshops are extremely popular with participants! In fact, many participants have taken each and every one-day workshop offered, and many participants even return to the same workshop in multiple years – subject matter and locations vary, and they are that much fun!

Instructional Photo Tours are travel photography experiences that take place at beautiful locations. Tours are broken into segments of active location shooting, technique/creativity/equipment discussions, and participant image sharing and critique. Each day starts early, with the group traveling to a sunrise location (arriving well before sunrise), and may extend into the late-evening post-sunset hours. But we’ll take breaks, enjoy some free time to explore individually (or nap) and edit photos during the day. Participants will return home at the end of the tour with increased photographic knowledge and skill, a portfolio of exquisite photos from the event, and most likely some new photographic friends.

Studio Workshop Events are taught in the photography studio or other location carefully selected to suit the event, and are full-day (generally 9am-5pm) hands-on active-photography seminars. Studio Workshop Events are generally more expensive than the field workshops due to the costs associated with buying/renting props, hiring models and stylists. Participants will learn new techniques and creative approaches to photography, and create a relevant portfolio under one-on-one guidance.

Classroom Workshops are hands-on, half-day events focused on a specific topic. Bring your DSLR, Rangefinder, or Mirrorless camera, lenses and accessories, laptop (only needed for The Lightroom Workshop) and learn current photography techniques in a hands-on interactive classroom venue.

At all workshops, class size is small (no more than 10 participants per instructor), and instructors spend 100% of their time helping participants to develop strong photography technique. You will receive lots of individual attention to ensure that you understand the concepts and are effectively using them to improve your photography.

All workshops include handouts. Some workshops (as noted in individual descriptions) include some meals. Relevant hotel info for each workshop will be sent upon registration.

Visit Mark’s main photography website for more info about his own photography!